“a satisfying 90 minutes of song and savagery” -Audrey Journal

Razorhurst is a brave new work that has an important place in the Australian theatre scene, and manages a feat of recreating decades of Australian crime history in just 90 minutes.” -Theatre Travels

““A singular, understated, and rich joy…the two-hander is soft yet brash, stylised yet gritty and real…“You’d be a fool to miss Razorhurst.” -The Music

"The bouncy and often raunchy score serves the integrity of the era as it propels Tilly and Kate to the end of their entertaining 90-minute visit." -CurtainUp.com

"imagine “The Wire” — but with songs and tea...undeniably an entertaining show, and a spotlight on an absolutely fascinating moment in history. You should catch “Razorhurst” if you can — new musicals need audiences, for one thing, and shows with great roles for women do, too. And this one is guaranteed to be unlike anything you’ve seen before." - NJArts.net

"Librettist Kate Mulley has a knack for spinning fun yarns with her lyrics, painting colorful pictures of these powerful, yet flawed women." -baristanet.com

"a compelling meditation on the explosive cocktail of gender, class, and power underlying an infamous period in the history of crime... [the] banter is sharp, frequently funny, and unapologetically lewd ....great moments of passion, power, and pain." -NJ.com

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